Selecting the Right School for Your Child

By Kyo Maclear / October 24, 2017

Having intelligent and highly educated child is the ultimate goal of every parent. Thus we are all specifically worried about and interest into careful and adequate choosing of proper school for our kid. Regardless of the time you spend teaching your child to think in general or to read and calculate, providing high-quality formal education is crucial. There’s a quite strong schooling system in Canada, but not all schools are affordable to everyone. If you live in Canada and have a child of school age, especially if you are a single parent with deficit spare time to invest into your child’s development, you would want to pick the excellent school for your kid. Here are some tips and advice about the things you should check for to sign your child into the best school for him.

Applications for school profile research

Use the mighty powers of the internet, and available public profiles of schools in Canada presented online. The government provides precise statistics regarding performances and overall result for each school, and these statistics are available online too. Depending on the criteria you set while researching, you will get a review of all the schools at the same educational level and their performance regarding a wide range of features. The most commonly measured and estimated properties include overall achievement, mental, psychological and social development of the students, school environment, the percentage of art, science and computer skills within the curriculum and much more.

Private education, public schools, and individualized schools

Majority of kids in Canada are still integrated into the public school system, but the private sector is strong as well. However, private schools tend to be expensive, but not necessarily better in the quality of education and classes, thus make sure to compare potential costs with the actual benefits prior any investment. Individualized schools in Canada are primarily designed for religious and other forms of specific education.

Consider technical aspects

Keep in mind, especially if you’re a single parent that your child will spend half a day in the school and the chances are you’ll be chasing money and jobs meanwhile. Thus you want to pick the school that provides much more than just the mere educational classes. Check the environment, backyard and playground included school’s restaurant and the bus connection to your home. Feel free to take your child straight to the visitation of the chosen favorites and make decision live. Also, if you find it of interest, you may consult family law counselor and follow the advice.

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