Raising your kids in Vancouver

By Kyo Maclear / November 7, 2017

Raising a healthy, well-educated and well-behaved kid is the ultimate goal of every parent and the lifetime commitment and challenge. This task seems somewhat more difficult nowadays in a modern world when the whole life tempo is speeded, the kids are exposed extremely to all sorts of information, and the outside world seems to be rougher on today’s children. All of these challenges are even tougher tasks if you are a single father raising your kid within the rush of Vancouver. When it comes to a parent-child relationship, every situation is merely unique and requires an individual approach. There is no universal guideline. But there are some general rules and advice you may try to apply into your approach and upbringing to raise a healthy grown person and maintain a good relationship with a father.

Organization skills are essential

When being a single parent, you need to work double. However, good mother and father, you try to be to your child all at once, some aspects and duties are going to be completely new and strange to you. When it comes to the single Dads, the best advice is to solve the basic issue such as cooking, laundry, and housework. There are options you can use, such as hiring housewife or paying someone just to prepare meals for you and your kids or you may try to become a layman-chef now that you need it. This kind of life will impose a huge amount of stress onto you, thus have a day pre-planned and stick to the routine. Assign some tasks to your kids, too. This will take some burden off your back and practice their skills and train them to hard work on time.

Pick good schools and quality child care

Being a single Dad in Vancouver will require strong finances. In other words, you will have to work at least one job. While you are at the office, make sure you child is in good and trusted hands. If you have young kids, hire reliable child care of a recommended babysitter. If the kids are at school age, sign them into the best school in Vancouver, you can afford. This will cope their education even if you lack the free time to study with them.

Take it easy on yourself

This is quite common trap among single parents. Out of the strong urge to provide the best for their kids, single parents tend to burn out. Take it easy on yourself. Don’t blame yourself for every fail and mistake and feel free to rely on others and ask for help.

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