How difficult is it to adopt if you are a single dad?

By Kyo Maclear / October 31, 2017

Adopting children if you are a single parent was quite controversial topic for a long time and adopting as a single father was considered the unfavorable extreme decision. The family law official attitudes varied. However, things have changed significantly over the last several years favoring easier permission for single parents to adopt, including adopting if you’re a single dad. The laws still vary among states, but most of these laws allow adoption, but only determine the precise allowed methods.

Options for adopting

In Canada, you are facing two major options. You may adopt a born child at a certain age, a minor certainly, or you may opt for the surrogate mother and get yourself brand-new born kid for adoption. The surrogate route has its subgroups and specific terms and options, and in this case, you should check carefully legal aspects of it, financial aspects and health aspects. Currently, in Canada, the surrogate route is fully allowed, but you can usually compensate only for your overall costs. The problem comes down to two issues. First, it is not so easy to find the adequate surrogate mother for yourself. Another issue refers to the fact that most surrogate mothers will deliver for money. Ensure your finances before jumping into the story. When opting for one surrogate mother, make sure to put it clear about your mutual conditions. Now, surrogate mother is preferring exclusively delivering to a couple. On the other hand, some surrogates right prefer single mails, claiming that they make less fuzz and obsession during surrogate and parent relationship.

Get a pro for legal issues

Adopting as a single father sounds impressively romantic, but the other side of the medal refers to legal and legislative aspects. Some surrogate mothers involve their husbands as the primary father of a kid and the law implies that you have to “adopt”. The other will just give birth. Settle further relationships with surrogate mother right at the beginning.

Forget about your routine so far

There are some significant changes you’ll have to make in your current lifestyle. First, ensure steady finances and introduce your boss with the story, because you won’t be available as you were before. Be aware that you’ll spend a lot of time-fighting stereotypes. Get a network of trusted doctors, good a child nursing and be prepared for many friends and family members to live you when the things get too tough.

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