Vancouver is no particularly different compared to other cities when it comes to court practice that child custody is usually granted to mothers. However, there are exceptions and many children in Vancouver are growing up and being raised by their fathers, as the residential parents. Single dads face some unique legal, financial, social and other problems. My name is Kyo Maclear, and most people know me as the Canadian writer. I am, also, a single dad who inspired me to launch and dedicate this webpage to all those single dads out there and provide them with advice, support and a virtual place to gather.

Raising a Child in Canada

Raising a child is a lifetime commitment and the unique challenge even in the best possible conditions and environment. Raising a child in Canada with all the financial fluctuations and the issues of the modern society is an even higher challenge. If you’re supposed to do all of this as a single dad, you got some serious qualifications for an everyday hero. I am here to make it all at least a bit easier for you.

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If You Have Any Legal Issues

My primary vocation is writing, but somehow being a single Dad has turned into my other vocation. After going through the complex procedure of divorce and handling various other legal issues and challenges on a daily basis, I’ve gathered some highly professional and experienced family law and child custody attorneys to help me with this blog. Thus, if you got any legal issues, contact me, and I will provide direct assistance from legal experts.

People I Helped

 John Dodger 


Legal procedure of child custody during my divorce turned into a chaotic fight between my ex's attorney and me. I was so close to losing my son. Kyo Maclear connected me with one of his best family law attorney, who has turned the whole drama into my victory.

 Phil Clovis 


Following traditional rules, family law judge who conducted my divorce was ready to assign my kids to my ex-wife, who struggles with some serious psychological issues lately. If I hadn’t had strong professional help that Kyo Maclear provided to me, the ending of our divorce would cause some dramatic damage to our children.

 Aieden Sirith 


My divorce was quite smooth, and the family law court decided to assign me as a custodial parent. However, my legal and social issues began during the post-divorce period, when Kyo Maclear’s help solved many administrative and legislative problems I was facing.